2 Views from a Dictionary Model (QAbstractItemModel)

I am a bit stuck figuring out the best way to get my data displayed and editable in the cleanest way possible. I am pulling data from a binary file that is essentially an Entry List. The entry list is actually configurated into a binary tree with 1 or 2 nested inside the file but I am only going to support 1 binary tree to keep it simple. After I parse the binary data into it’s structs, I then convert the list into it’s Tree representation as a Dictionary. Each key is represented by the index of the Entry List and is treated as Parent Node and the values that are tied to the node are treated as Children. I am thinking of going with the Parents displayed/editable on the left of the View List and the Children displayed on the Right of the list. A QTreeView is not ideal because the number of entries can be cumbersome and cluttered for editing purposes.

Question here is, is it possible to use one QAbstractItemModel Dictionary and display the Parent on one List and the Children on the other? Or am I better of connecting 2 models and updating the data accordingly. I am wondering if I can keep it to one Model so I can connect other UI elements to the data in the Children to update. I’d figure this would allow me to write less code and have the data more manageable between the different interfaces.

Thank you for your time and input