Crashing in QRunner threads with numpy

Thanks for the great write-up. I’m attempting to use this example to stream a live video feed (numpy array → QImageQPixmapQLabel inside a QScrollArea) but I am frequently encountering crashes when the label is resized too quickly, or the scroll area is scrolled too quickly. I have seen people mention that it could be a problem with QImage memory buffer getting cleared before the QPixmap can update the QPainter event, but I tried storing a .copy() of the QImage and that didn’t work.

Is this something you think can be fixed, or does it sound like a fundamental issue with the way threads work with Python/PyQt5?

Well only about 30 minutes later, I was able to implement a new signal (bool, ‘result’ signal) that gets emitted when the QImage is converted. I also moved the setPixmap event to a separate function that only runs when the ‘result’ signal is emitted and now I haven’t experienced any crashes. Thanks so much for your tutorials - I just bought the book!