Database Dossier - New Version

I just released a new version of Database Dossier, my database UI program!

It adds a new diagram and uses two way communication so the web contents act like normal Qt elements when you click on the database tables in the diagram.

If your on windows there is an exe and if your on Linux there is an AppImage so you can run it without installing anything.

Otherwise you should be able to run it from locally from the source tree

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Hey @nicholas5720 do you have a link to your code? Or a site about the application?

Edit: found it!

Database Dossier " A User Interface For Your Databases"

Database Dossier is a free database user interface program, you can use it for browsing and querying your databases. At present it can be used for accessing MariaDB and MySql database servers.

Github repository

Looking really nice @nicholas5720 ! Is the relation diagram built using QGraphicsScene?

@martin thanks, I kinda cheated and used an iframe HTML to do the diagram with some message passing between HTML and PyQt

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I’ve used that trick before, it’s actually how I ended up using PyQt in the first place – it was the only Python GUI library where I could easily embed a web page / Javascript.

If you need interaction/dynamic stuff QGraphicsScene will usually work out better in the long run (signals & being able to render graphics easily into the view) but if not, it’ll make little difference.