Dialogs tutorial feedback

This was hands down the best tutorial I’ve found for anything related to GUI in general, but especially for PyQt. I won’t just leave at that. Allow me to point out some specifics I found to be a huge deal:

  • The slightly hidden away message in the examples that explained WHY you were not showing the init method. Those who are already on the verge of understanding this fully likely won’t notice it, but for those of us who aren’t as comfortable with code yet, it adds an element of realism that makes it easier to follow along with.
  • The various info notes you place throughout the article contain information that would usually get picked up in unreliable fragments when searching across many different articles/sources in a state of confusion. Not only do they explain the information clearly, they also serve as confirmation for those who are still bringing those fragments together that there is indeed something worth understanding in those details, and ‘this is why.’
  • The biggest one (for me): Programming has a lot going on. With so many ways to do the same thing, and with the line between ‘most optimal’ and ‘poor’ being so grey at times, the chances that you’ll find two tutorials that do everything the exact same are slim. Those who write examples out for readers don’t often enough take this into account, taking for granted the simplicity of code that isn’t vital to the concept (as it could have been done many different ways, but the outcome is still the same). Again, for those less confident with the language, what is actually an unimportant ‘preference’ becomes an uncertain red flag. “Is that important? Why did the other person do it differently?” You took the time to explain the small details and a few other ways you could do them and for that, I applaud and thank you.