Do you have a PySide2 book?

Wow Martin great article. I love that you show both the PyQt5 and the PySide2 code . I see you are advertising a book, but it looks like it is PyQt5 only. Is this correct or do you have PySide2?

Hi @Drew the is currently PyQt5 only, but a PySide2 edition on the way. I’ll let you know once it’s available.

Dear @Martin, so excited to hear that, really can’t wait for the book. Any idea on timeline? Within 3 or longer? Thanks

Depends on what you mean by “3” :slight_smile: …3 days not a chance, 3 weeks very likely! I’m aiming to get it done by the end of this month, a couple of new chapters to finalise and then edits.

@Drew @Scoodood – the PySide book is now available. If you’ve previously bought the PyQt5 version you get this for free. Just check your books & downloads on the homepage.

The book has also been updated a lot, from 258 to 665 pages. Will be making a full announcement with details shortly.

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Hi @martin,

You said for those who previously bought the PyQt5 ebook, they will also get your new PySide2 ebook as well. Does it mean for those who buy the new PySide2 ebook we would also get the PyQt5 ebook as well?


Yep, buying either gets you both!

They’re basically identical, except for the source code and some parts where the two libraries differ. Seemed unfair to make people buy it twice.

Cool. I picked up a copy. Where do I get a copy for the PyQt5?

If you login on the main site you can get them from the homepage. Scroll down to “Books & Downloads” – you’ll see a list like this.

The latest versions are always there (same when I release the next update).

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