Error installing Pyside6 into Rasberry Pi

I keep getting this error trying to install pyside6 on my raspberry pi3. Can anyone help me with this?
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pyside6
ERROR: No matching distribution found for pyside6

Hi @scottc welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if PySide6 is available for Raspberry Pi. There are pre-built packages available for PyQt5 which you can install via apt. But if you look at the PySide6 package on PyPi there is no source package or ARM build available.

There are source packages available for PyQt6, so pip install pyqt6 may work, assuming the build environment is set up. But searching I see a lot of problems.

Thanks Martin,
I am new to using Qt and Python, whats is the best path for developing UI with Qt/Python for a raspberry pi. I am very new to python so I was hoping to use Qt Designer to assist me. If there is a path that is easier for a beginner like me that would be helpful.

No problem! You can use Qt Designer with PyQt5 — I wouldn’t worry too much about using the latest version (*6) when starting out, there really aren’t any big differences. You can easily upgrade once PyQt6/PySide6 work on a Pi.

You can see all the PyQt5 tutorials here.

Qt Designer is fine for designing with a Pi. What are you using for a screen? Is it a standard desktop app, or are you wanting to do something using a touchpanel?


Would i be better to use PySide2 to start learning from instead of doing PyQt5?

FYI I purchased your book on it!


I am making a universal tester for work using a Pi3 and the display is from Waveshare 7 inch DSI LCD.


There’s actually very little difference between PySide2/PyQt5 so I wouldn’t worry too much between which you choose – just focus on what you can get working on the hardware.

Even later versions (PySide6/PyQt6) are broadly backwards compatible & if you get stuck converting later, just drop a note here.

Thanks Martin … I have finally been able to get my set up running and using it to go through your book I purchased. I really am enjoying it!

I do have a question I am hoping you may have an answer or can direct me to an answer.

I am basically trying to develop my GUI for my universal tester for work. My setup to develop it for the display is I am running a virtual Raspberry Pi OS in Oracle Virtual Box on my Windows PC and using VS Code to SSH into it (FYI this is the IDE I am using). This is working fine now after several days getting thing all setup properly (that was a leaning curve for a newbie like me!). My problem is when I use the python terminal in VS Code to run the PySide2 code it crashes every time. Yet when I run in the Pi virtual terminal it runs just fine every time. Is there a way to get VS Code terminal to run the Pyside2 code properly? I also noticed it does the same thing on a real Pi not running a virtual machine Pi OS.