How much coverage of PyQtGraph/statistics in the book?

Hello, i am starting using Pyqt5 and I have learning a lot from your examples. for this reason i am intereted in buying your book, however i must ask if in the book there are more cover on pyqt graph properties?
and if there is more statiscts calculation like samples, medians, bias error, confidence intervals.

thanks in advance.

Hey @Cassio_Lemos

Great to hear you’re finding the tutorials useful! The book contains a couple of examples for pyqtgraph and matplotlib, which will be expanded in future. But it doesn’t go into statistical analysis – I do plan another book on this (Qt for data science apps) in the future, as it’s my background, but it’ll be a while. Working hard on the new edition of this one first!

That said, if you have any specific questions re: doing statistical stuff in Qt apps I’d be happy to answer them here.