How to pass argument to user defined function in Qprocess

    def calc(self):
        progressBar = self.progressBar
        filter = self.SubSectorLevel1.currentText()
        filter1 = self.SubSectorLevel2.currentText()
        IND = self.lineEdit.text()
        OTD = self.lineEdit_2.text()
        Version= self.lineEdit_10.text()
        if filter=='Residue Burning':
            if filter1 =='None':
        if filter=='Lightning & Heating':
            if filter1 =='Lighting':
            elif filter1=='Space Heating':
            elif filter1=='Water Heating':
        if filter=='Brick Production':
            if filter1 =='None':

I want to use Qprocess in user defined function like RSH and BP

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Hi Ganesh_Gupta
Your code is not very clear and readable.

Hi @Ganesh_Gupta welcome to the forum. I’ve edited the code to make it clearer, but I’m still not sure what you’re trying to do.

If you’re wanting to run those functions (RKL, etc.) concurrently, it probably makes sense to use threads. If you take a look at the bottom of the threading tutorial there is an example where you can pass a custom function to run on a separate thread.

Hi Martin, Thank you for your response. I solved this problem in different way but i have another query which i posted on different thread.