How to report text corrections for the book?

I’ve discovered a few (rather minor) editing errors in the book. As I have the impression that it remains a book in constant update mode (the advantage of ebooks I guess), I wonder if you are open to share them to improve the book?

Hi @Stefan_Boeykens welcome to the forum. Corrections are very much appreciated – the book is updated quite regularly, both for new editions (when I add chapters) or have accumulated enough edits to justify it (I just uploaded an update to all versions yesterday, while releasing the PyQt6 book).

You can post the corrections here, or send them through to me via email at if that’s easier. They might have been fixed in this last update, but feel free to send them anyway – I’ll know when I see them!

@Stefan_Boeykens, you can also post HERE and issue your errata, if you like.

I’ve used the “other” thread as suggested. Was a bit messy, as I read the epub version, which repaginates the whole book to be easier to read on an iPad.

I loved the book and the many short code fragments. The problem with longer examples is that they become too hard to follow.