I installed PyQt5 but I still have a error message

I just installed PyQt5, when I did “pip install PyQt5”, the installation started but arrived at the end, it displays a eureur message.
when I import PyQt5 in the editor, it works but when I do “from PyQt5.QtCore import *”, it displays a msg saying “that the PyQt5 module is not found” and the same for QtApplication and QtWidget.
I wonder how to fix this? am I still going to install PyQt5? When I do, it always crashes like this. I am using python 3.6. Thanks for your helps.

Hi @Frijomav welcome to the forum

What was the error message?

If there is an error when installing, the package won’t have been installed at all (it won’t leave broken installs behind). So if you get an error, it makes sense the import doesn’t work.

Which platform are you using Python on? (macOS, Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi)

i’m on Windows. and error was when i made “pip install PyQt5”

Can you try that again and paste the error message here. Without seeing the error it’s not possible to debug what the problem is.

Are you using Visual Studio Code? Then, there are settings that point to the installed Python modules, so Visual Studio Code can import them.