Linux Packaging Prefered Formats

For Linux users, what Packaging format do you prefer your apps delivered in?
(I’m not asking about which you prefer to package your stuff with but what packaging you prefer apps to be in?)

Debian files *.deb
Snappy packages
Something else?..

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My favourite format is deb.
Mainly because I use Mint and Ubuntu distributions.

definitely deb files.

Hi ,

In fact, its depends on which distribution (and sometimes your desktop environment !) you are using.

For sample for me.
Even I still had two Ubuntu (or derivative) one on my laptop and a secondary (an Linux mint in fact) in a external DD, I use mainly Manjaro , one with Cinnamon and another one with Deepin.
And on Manjaro and all derivative distribution coming from ArchLinux, we don’t use deb. And we install PyQt app either with a PKBUILD for an app on AUR, either with PyPi if she not available on AUR. Either directly with the setup.

Another last word, we don’t like and use appimage, flatpack or snap… on this distributions.