Package compatability

I once tried to make a machine learning app with the scikit-learn package. I found something weird, if someone could help me to explain that would be great.

Basically, the fbs install seems to have problem of recognising this package, internet search seems to suggest that is because of this package is yet to be supported by pyinstaller

So what is the way around this issue?

I don’t think that is an exhaustive list so it not being on the list doesn’t mean it won’t work (it says at the top “most packages will work out of the box”). That said, scikit-learn uses Cython so could expect issues.

What kinds of errors did you get? Usually you can solve problems in PyInstaller using hooks e.g. Understanding PyInstaller Hooks — PyInstaller 4.7 documentation

There is an example hook here which might do it.

from hookutils import collect_submodules
hiddenimports = collect_submodules('sklearn') 

Unfortunately, I don’t think you can use custom PyInstaller hooks with fbs. You should be able to package with PyInstaller itself though.