Peer Review Requested

I’m really happy that this site exists.
PyQt is a great toolkit, I really like how it looks native across all platforms.
I have written a desktop app that uses PyQt and I would appreciate a review of it.

Can it be run?
Do the readme notes make sense?
Does it look ok?
What does the app do badly?

Many thanks


@nicholas5720 Wow very nice work. I like it. Scraped an 200MB error_log from apache based server and tested it looks cool. I gotta find a way to pipe a remote error_log into it cause i’m not running a local one with active stuff where it would tail live logs.

I also have some code you might find interesting if looking to expand regex for the access log ones.

got it to work by setting up an sshfs mount and then passing it that file path. Due to the filesize it took a few minutes to start but seems to be working good now.

@mike2750 I’m really glad you like it.
The fact it scraped a 200MB file is due to how well Qt manages a data grid - the data grid seems to be good at showing large amounts of data.

I deliberately didn’t implement sshfs at this point as that’s a big thing, and I thought it was best to force the user to make sure log files are in a filesystem - makes life easier.

If you have time can you try and run the tests?

The link you provided, what does it do?

heres an example of what that looks like on an access-log it was one of the first python things i scripted so its probably tons of room for improvement but its functional and related to your access_log thing cause it has some cool regex like yours does i thought you might find handy.

I was originally trying to clone this bash script functionality wise to learn python

example of the stats