Problem packaging with PyInstaller

Hi, thank you so much for this tutorial, but I’m having a problem when opening the .exe, appears this message: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'PyQt5' [43227] Failed to execute script. What I’m doing wrong? Thank you for your attention!!

I have exactly the same error. Any news?

Hey @doev are you able to share your PyInstaller .spec file or the source file you’re packaging. Also which version of Python & PyQt5 are you using?

It suggests that PyInstaller isn’t discovering that your application using PyQt5 for some reason. Once we figure out where it’s going wrong we should be able to fix it.

Hello Martin,

thank you for your reply. After I switched from anaconda to pip, your code is working well. I have still about 30 warings on missing modules, but I think that is a problem of PyInstaller.