PySide6 & PyQt6 versions 6.5 LTS came out!

This is great news! Both PySide6 and PyQt6 are now available in versions 6.5 LTS (Long-Term Support), which means both frameworks are now stable and are going to be supported for a very long time.

You can safely upgrade your framework of choice from 6.2 LTS version, if you are only upgrading from an LTS to an LTS version. However, if you are using version 6.4 or some other version, you just have to upgrade to 6.5 LTS, because this version resolves all those pesky bugs and also adds new features that are really awesome.

If you’re still using PySide2 or PyQt5, then really consider upgrading your codebase to accomodate to this new-ish major 6 version. There are some relatively minor things you need to adjust for in your codebase, and you’re good to go. These articles will help: