QMYSQL is no longer available

I’m working on Windows, MacOS and Linux with PySide2 (5.15.2) installed via pip.

In “Authenticating with QSqlDatabase” you say:

The value of can be any one of the following [‘QSQLITE’,
‘QMYSQL’, ‘QMYSQL3’, ‘QODBC’, ‘QODBC3’, ‘QPSQL’, ‘QPSQL7’]. To get this list on
your system run QSqlDatabase.drivers().

I wanted to work with MySQL, so I tried connecting with the QMYSQL driver, but it didn’t work… If I print QSqlDatabase.drivers() I get only: [‘QSQLITE’, ‘QODBC’, ‘QODBC3’, ‘QPSQL’, ‘QPSQL7’]

The driver is not provided anymore in the pre-compiled versions due to license issues. You have to compile it by yourself.

edit: Here you can download a Windows build of the driver!
I’m still looking for something like this for Linux and MacOS