QTableWidget and Database

I created my application which depends on fetch data from the database so it takes more time to retrieve data to the QTableWidget when i search for someone details
So how can i increase the speed of fetching data and the speed of my application when i run it, it actually takes 30secods to load data and on running

Hi Nicholaus_Warobi

I’d first start by looking at the design of your Database making sure the structures allow for easy / quick lookup of your data. Keep indexes as simple as possible and cut down the use of complicated joins. Kiss principal is a rule I follow always…

Second what I’ve done is on startup I load and save any maintenance / repetitive type data as cursors (properties per say) within your main window object that can be accessed throughout your application without reloading or searching the database. You can show a splash screen while these cursors are being saved.

Keep files as small as possible and archive anything that you don’t readily need.