QTableWidget issue

Upgraded python and virtual environment to latest but when i run the application all my Table Widgets column widths are defaulting to it’s original setting.

I do have in my code when the table is create I set each column to a desired width with table.setColumnWidth(0,120) etc. but it’s like it’s being ignored.

Any suggestions appreciated.

After several further checks it looks like a library is missing for PyQt6.

Python 3.10.12 has pyqt6-plugins while Python 3.12 has nothing. I thought I’d contact the people at Riverbank to see if this is bug.

Hey @weave did you resolve this? Setting the column widths seems like a basic thing, not sure it should depend on the plugins (although maybe platform specific stuff). Does sound more like a bug.

Still unresolved on my part. You might be right a platform type thing as I’m running ubuntu. I attempted to contact Riverbank but they don’t provide a support contact.

For the time being I’m remaining at 3.10.12 since it works without issue.