QTreeView tutorial

Hello, any chances about making a QTreeView tutorial, like the one in QTableView? I’m searching for infos about it and coundn’t find anything good, it would be amazing if you could make a tutorial for this topic!



a second this question. There is no such thing as a QAbstractTreeModel and so AFAIK we will have to use QAbstractItemModel which makes things much more complicated. I couldn’t find this back in the book. A tutorial on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Rik

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Yeah I agree I also would love some examples of generating and working with custom QAbstractItemModel

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I simply want to perform an around trip, from a yaml file, to a QTreeView and back again!
It’s not that clear what value is added by QStandardItemModel!!

In the 2 years that have passed since this thread was started has anyone stumbled on anything useful? I certainly haven’t!

Unfortunately its not covered in Martins book.