Save multiple plots to pdf

Hello Guys,

i am a very beginner. i coded with the matplotlib example out of the book a little programm, where after button click six plots are shown (with matplotlib). i integrated a save button and want to save all six plots to a pdf, but i am stuck. the save button works fine, filePath works fine, but when it should save the file errors occur. outside of pyqt5 i know how to deal with this problem (PdfPages, savefig()…)
Maybe some of you can give me an example, so i can add it to my little programm.

Thank you very much for your effords,
greeting Mathew

Hi @Matthias_Ottlinger welcome to the forum. Sorry I missed this til now, I just had a baby and have been very distracted!

In case it’s still helpful to you, I found that when generating multiple plots into a PDF it’s usually easiest to layout the entire page in matplotlib using subplots. You can do this, even if you’re showing the plots in separate windows.

To generate the PDF, create a canvas the size of your page, then add the subplots to this, and use matplotlib .savefig() to write the PDF.

When you say it works outside pyqt5, is this using the same Python installation?