Using community qt creator at workplace

Hi i am your close follower i am using at community version for ui file generation and converting to py files
Is that legal or need to get commercial app
I am using this only for in-house apps and nothing else please suggest

Hi @sathishceog703 welcome to the forum!

If you’re using PyQt5 (GPL version) the GPL requires you to make the source code available to the users of your application. But only with them, and only on request. It doesn’t require you to distribute the application to anyone you don’t want to.

If you developed the application in the company (the company owns the copyright) and it’s being used in the company (the company is the user) then you’re not distributing it.

The PySide2 library is LGPL licensed, so this restriction doesn’t apply (you only need to distribute changes you make to PySide2 itself).