Where can one make a suggestion for future pyqt6 updates (wish list)

Is there a wish list type place for someone to suggest improvements ?

There’s 2 things I’d like to see added.

  1. Ability to make Data Grid scrollable by touch / drag similar to what’s in Kivy.

  2. Ability for pyqt6 to run under Android natively without wine or other type addons.

Hi @weave is this for the website or the book?

I just released an update to the book (notification will be going out in a couple of weeks, as I’m off on vacation) but it doesn’t cover these things yet. But I can see them being a good addition to the website.

Hi Martin,

I guess it would be both. A new widget for PyQt6 and added documentation for it’s use in the latest version of your book.

Originally I started with kivy / kivyMD but dropped it when I found a problem with the python debugger stepping code and their documentation was terrible.

I found PyQt6 to be very stable and with your help (book and website) I was able to finish an App I was working on. The only thing I missed having was a Scrolling Container (kivy has this) that widgets can be added to provide scrolling capabilities (grids, lists) on touch screens. Not sure how big a change this would be and again this would be a wish list item.